August 20th, 2014


this morning, police raided Greater St. Mark school/church in Ferguson, MO (formerly called St. Sebastian’s Parish).

community members had been using it as a safe space and staging area. police claim that the church is violating housing codes by sheltering protesters, even though the pastor has said it isn’t true.

please please please boost this. help these organizers recover the supplies they lost, and share just how fucking far these cops will sink to make the people of Ferguson suffer.

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This short documentary profiles the last fluent speaker of Wukchumni, a Native American language, and her creation of a comprehensive dictionary. Marie Wilcox spent 7 years creating this dictionary which the Yokuts tribe now uses for weekly basic language classes. 

More than 130 Native American languages are endangered in the United States. For some, only a handful of fluent speakers remain. Marie’s dictionary is a tremendous victory against the countless languages eradicated from our history.

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August 14th, 2014
August 10th, 2014






I hope this sinks in your hearts.

I’m so fucking tired of this shit

I just want it to stop.

this needs to end

aaaaand here come the tears of rage

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A brilliant metaphor

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August 2nd, 2014

Aboriginal NHL player Jordan Nolan for the LA Kings in Garden River, Ontario holding the Stanley Cup.


Aboriginal NHL player Jordan Nolan for the LA Kings in Garden River, Ontario holding the Stanley Cup.

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what real mens activists look like (see more here)

Just so you know, I love all of you.

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July 14th, 2014

Worn Black

like a big, once-bold but old blanket

monkey’s paw
coal cotton

trug trog trib drug drag drip
drugs unneeded, unwanted
four summers’ discontent thatched heat roofing gone goner

the life i read, the words i wear
grow shapes
bipedal or turtle wood kitchen solemn; lariat table or sphynx chair
black dries mahogany
jet rumbles umber
rubber gleans clown sheep teeth

my belongings become mine
my possessions drop dust, glow clean
embers warm my laundry’s tongues

me warms

May 30th, 2014
Doubtful Musings and In-Game Scribbles
May 28th, 2014


Why Rene Bourque is not only amazing but also important.

  • Of Métis descent and one of the (unfortunately) few Aboriginal hockey players today
  • Was undrafted but signed with the Chicago Blackhawks and when was sent down to their AHL affiliate at the time, he set a franchise record…
May 27th, 2014
Anxious Musings and In-Game Scribbles
May 23rd, 2014
Madisonian Musings and In-Game Scribbles (Delayed Musing)
May 14th, 2014
Sixish Musings and In-Game Scribbles (Delayed Musing)
May 10th, 2014
Sixty-ish Musings and In-Game Scribbles