August 14th, 2010

G20 QB

that cop stands like a quarterback
  but not like the quarterback he thinks he is,
 thumbs in belt-rings, shoulders square, feet wide apart
                               but(t) too wide
    head rests on neck like a flesh stove
                          wait, no neck
               and not a stove, just square, pale dough
    eyes too bright - blue and bird, squint and stretch, his eyebrows pull,
                accessories too shiny                                          puuull, pooool
                                                                                          oh it's hard  work
            the biggest boss black boots he could find
                       thick, two, no, four-inch heels
                       square and strapping
                              or so he thinks
                    there is no lump, no codpiece, just flat Alberta nylon
                his length is in his child-math vector sentence:
                   one plus one plus, uh, one, plus two and, um, one
         plus, uh
                       shut up, it equals  I am your leader
but like a Rubble cube Barney
he is a follower only
          a follower of nattering pigs
                         of monkey-snuffle rules
                            of gun-bill muzzles
  a scout might say:
	too short to see over a car
	too slow to escape the first rush
	lacks the football IQ to read the safety's first two steps
	too much chicken
	     too much (too) little
	squat, prone to cartilage tear
	coach's son flare
                              (he thinks flair)