January 18th, 2012

Barome Iginla

    a pathway from an asphalt lot

 the asphalt rolls beyond
 and on,
 under bridge
   past track and train
         asphalt is all
           the crag canada shape
             of the land
        cold   tongues of tar to the
        brill bream   ocean
  it crusted black rubber wave cake
  grimitar teeth atlantic
  blacktop boiled pacific

asphalt hills
asphalt valleys

  angle and turn
  to the city
  asphalt alleys
  are vanilla
       ice cream

a figure in white showy macaroon cottons
       hood and fleece red gloves
      saxophone and stick
     sister stride
    lampwick pride
   off she goes
     on she went
          on dunk, on goal, on crowd, on blacktop ice
          medallion discipline

    a chosen note
   pressed for flat brass
 squeezed to gold clef
 buttered barometric baritones

an ocold New York Show

(Source: montrealmystique.ca)

November 21st, 2011

Reggie’s Team

New York vain,
   too vain for this  small-town
                       small aim
       the city is a thousand growls
    a New York
          man, men
     quench clocks
          on urban land
           where Willis grinned
           or near  collapsed fields
                where  Y.A.
              Joe Broadway
               and Yankee muscle
              bent under wind
                    or Unitas' Colts
        and fro lords in the stripe cathedral
                where beer bocker denizens
                where the other Reggie
             should glow 31
 The unvain
           the iced first cult following
       fourteen thousand growls
    a Ranger second
 these blueshirt neighbour mavens
          grin and suffer
            a New York Lady's third

(Source: montrealmystique.ca)

October 27th, 2010

Two Fore The Islanders


   an Islander pendulum
    a  mooch medal
       hanging heavy
    a silver medal of wood
 the island orange, a thick finger
a colosse unnoticed
  the Bruins, Les Boys
 steamed sparkle
  the confetti
silenced   the quiet riot
      of  Islander pride

Nobody Cares

 of a Frenchman in New York
  fifty goals
     be it five hundred
 nor the anglo
  fee nom
    a brash boy on that island

(Source: montrealmystique.ca)

July 4th, 2009

Yes, I Do Read The Paper, Too

george walks free (not the grill dude)
robert arrives in New York smiling, shaking (the horror camp guy)
the local scarves have the power
the local hoods have the hang

and in a small meaningless arena
a phantom teardro

(Source: montrealmystique.ca)